adies and Gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to Diane Barbour, whom works at the Danville, Va General District Court clerk’s office. She has an American Flag and a Confederate flag in plain site for all people to see on her desk on local government/state government property. Now the City of Danville, Va went through all this trouble to get the flag removed off its property and has allowed this woman to display it openly on her desk as people go in to get justice in a court that lacks it. Please give a warm welcome to Diane Barbour when you go to the courthouse. Now this woman talked to a judge today to have him decide on the merits of a FOIA request without a hearing and outside the presense of the woman.  The woman now has filed a Judicial Review Commission complaint and will seek relief on what happen to her today. I never seen judge decide a matter that could possibly come before him without a hearing and opportunity to be heard, but blatently and prejudicially decided that the clerks office could not turn over documents. I guess I should let a lot of people know about a judge that just did something absolutely in my opinion stupid.  This judge should be censored and actually removed for allowing a matter before his court get decided before it even was asked for formally.  There is nothing more intimidating to the body of justice to decide matters that are made for a court hearing and nopt for personal bias like Judge Adams has done oon /17/2017 at 12:45pm.  I also had time to look at her facebook page and I am in shock.  I know the employees that are of other races or views are terrified that this has gone on for so long and she has this flag proudly displayed on state property. I have notified the governor and news outlets to investigate this matter and to make sure the courthouse does not become a place of political hatred and bigotry at the entrance of its doors or in those that handles its business.   

Pictured below is Diane Barbour, clerk of the Danville, Va District CourtsDiane Barbour

Merle T. Rutledge Jr

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On Oct 14, 2016, there was a shooting in Danville, Va near the College Park section.  A young man had been reported to have been shot multiple times and was found on the outside grounds of the apartment complex suffering from his injuries.   The young man was responsive at the scene and was taken to the hospital were he was released after being treated.   As a result of this shooting, Danville, Va police officers wrote up search warrants for a nearby apartment and for individuals that they believed could have possibly been involved in the shooting.   However, there is no mention that the victim even mention these young men for being involved in the shooting at anytime.   Police raided the apartment complex and escorted some young men out of the apartment in hand cuffs.  The information in the article is also confirmed by WDBJ 7 coverage of the shooting below.

UPDATE – Click here for the search warrant – scan0254-1 issued after the police did a search of apartment where the defendant was located at in College Park Apartments.  There is nothing in the searh warrant to give any facts that all persons in the house was involved in any crime which I consider a general search warrant for all person present.  The search occured almost 2 hours before they ever obtained the search warrant for the apartment.

Two men were brought out of the home in handcuffs around 4 p.m. Friday.

Police say they are just questioning the men and at this point they are not suspects.

Police say the victim was found outside of the apartment complex and his injuries do not appear to be life-threatening.

There were two deadly shootings in Danville last week.

One of them happened on College Park Drive as well as Friday’s shooting. It is unknown if these shootings are related

Moreover, one of the men escorted from the apartment complex in handcuffs name was Ekong Ben Eshiet.  According to the search warrant affidavit, police believed that there was blood on the flood and some on a sofa in the apartment.   Officers did the warrantless search of the apartment in which Eshiet had been present.   The warrant was for all persons present based off a confidential informant that saw 3 boys running in that apartment direction and going inside.  However, at the time of this article being written, there is no disclosure of the alleged informant identity.   The young men was arrested and taken to the police station for further questioning and their cell phones was seized.   The Danville, Va police officers raid of the apartment occurred before 4 p.m., but the search warrants appear to be signed after 5pm.  This essentially would mean that they got probable cause for the search after they had already search the apartment and seized Mr. Eshiet.    Mr. Eshiet was released from custody and charged with marijuana possession on the same date.  The evidence that the police gathered was found through the warrantless search inside of Mr. Eshiet clothing.  The Danville, Va Police even got warrants for the young men D.N.A (images of the DNA warrants by clicking here – dnawarrantsforeshietoct142016dnawarrantpart2oct142016 after extensive questioning by the Danville, Va Police.   On the DNA warrants it states that its for a murder investigation, even though no murder had occured and the only crime that had been identified in connection to the Oct 14, 2016 shooting was a malicious wounding.  The shooting victim was not deceased.  Now on the search warrants the Danville, Va Police Officers went from malicious wounding to investigating gang activity even though at the time of the shooting there was no proof that it was connected to any gang activity and the warrant by clicking here proves it by clicking here   scan0249sss.  The family of Mr. Eshiet are questioning whether probable cause was established in order to even get these warrants and Bray’s response furthers their assertion that police misconduct would have occurred.

Furthermore, video of the aftermath at the police station shows Danville, Va Police Officer Samuel Bray admitting that he sees problems with the warrant and that the officer is gone.   However, whether the officer was terminated is still in question after a follow up video has emerged showing the same officer stating that the officer involved in writing of the warrant was active in another pending murder case.  The video can be seen here by Danville, Va police admission of questionable search warrant and the contradictory follow up video!or through youtube.   The mother tried to get her cell phone back and was denied by another officer within the police department.  As she left, Officer Bray instructed the mother to return and get her cell phone and that’s when the video recording began to commence of what no one would have expected to be proffered by the Commonwealth and its agent.  The only connection Mr. Eshiet to the shooting was that he was in a apartment near where the victim was shot.  No mention of the victim of the shooting identifying him being involved at all and it is known that the shooting could not have possibly taken place at the apartment.

Important to Note

*Danville, Va Police Officers Samuel Bray, Luck, and Matthews was indicted in a pyramid scheme in the early 2000’s.  A Greensboro, NC newspaper reported the arrest, but none was reported by the Danville, Va Register and Bee, which is usual for the newspaper to not report allegations of police misconduct.  Bray was the officer who swore out the first affidavit and received the first search warrant on Oct 14, 2016 in regards to this incident at 3:38p.m. approximately an hour after the initial search took place and after the officers had detained and brought the young men to the police station.   *

On 2/1/2017, a trial was schedule for Mr. Eshiet.  Mr. Eshiet is currently being represented by Attorney Lee Smallwood of Danville, Va.   The defendants mother went to Mr. Smallwood with a DVD of the same video that is attached to this article.  Mr. Smallwood allegedly stated to the defendant’s mother that the video was not material to the proceedings and refused to take custody of the disc.  However, in a stunning change of events, the Commonwealth Attorney handling the prosecution took custody of the disc in the courtroom and it is under further review.   The trial was continued and Smallwood would declare that he was preparing to file a motion to suppress based off discrepancies in the warrant and issues with the police investigation.    The information on the case is as follow.

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Ellen Compere Reynolds, which is the wife of Danville, Va Circuit Court Judge Reynolds, was given a public reprimand by the Virginia State Bar based off being found guilty of going on record that someone had been served with legal notice, when in fact no such service had occurred.  This was common problem with the Division of Child Support Enforcement Services arresting non custodial parents without perfecting proper service requirements based off the laws of the Commonwealth of Virginia.   The reprimand was made public by the Virginia State Bar in the opinion by clicking below.

Virginia State Bar Discipline of Danville, Va Circuit Judge wife!

  1. This is the Catch 22 of the situation on NC suspended Lee Francis because of stepping a.k.a stomping on the American Flag. I love the First Amendment even though I know some speech I find offensive and repulsive. Do we take away students wearing the Confederate Flag on campus with also this teacher right to stomp on the flag even for instructive and historical purposes. We may end up allowing things that offend people at anytime from being able to express themselves or we allow all sides to express themselves freely. It is a tough issue because in order for us to fly our flags or express ourselves in opposition would mean for those with hate messages to be allowed to do the same. This is a very interesting case on what is allowed on school property. It is the sword that twists in us all, because we are ok with what we want, but we definitely express ourselves and fight against what we don’t like. Are they owed the same privilege. Well my smart mouth would say you had it for well over 200 years and keep going. I am concerned that things that Trump wont ever be accountable for unless it is beneficial to us. The First Amendment should not be about government in which it benefits, but should be about those that make up government and how it is demonstrated. This is a case of no winners, but an awakening of all of our conscious.



Merle T. Rutledge Jr

Below links will give you each Circuit Court Judge for Danville, Va Economic and Conflict of Interest Submission to the Commonwealth of Virginia.  By clicking on the links below find out if the judge presiding over your case has any conflicts.


Hello fellow bloggers: Do you know that Ray Wright have an ongoing lawsuit against the Pittsylvania County School Board for hiring discrimination? A lawsuit was filed on behalf of Ray Wright in 2015 in the U.S. District Court Western District of Virginia.   The charge is against Pittsylvania County Schools and Wanda E. Vaughn.

Wright v. Pittsylvania County Schools et al

Case Number 4:16-cv00019-JLK-RSB

Mr. Wright is Pro Se “proceeding pro se” which means that you are representing yourself in the Court, and you are called a “pro se litigant.”  In litigating the case, the charge is arrest v. conviction which is a violation of the civil rights act of 1964 amended 2012 and enforced by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

What You Should Know About the EEOC and Arrest and Conviction Records

Background: On April 25, 2012, the Commission, in a 4-1 bi-partisan vote, issued its Enforcement Guidance on the Consideration of Arrest and Conviction Records in Employment Decisions Under Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, as amended, 42 U.S.C. § 2000e.  The Guidance updates, consolidates, and supersedes the Commission’s 1987 and 1990 policy statements on this issue, as well as the relevant discussion in the EEOC’s Race and Color Discrimination Compliance Manual Chapter. The Guidance is designed to be a resource for employers, employment agencies, and unions covered by Title VII; for applicants and employees; and for EEOC enforcement staff.

Pittsylvania County School is being represented by the Law Firm of Guynn & Waddell, P.C.  |  415 S. College Avenue  |  Salem, Virginia 24153  |  Phone: (540) 387-2320  

Below is the Federal Judge Kiser ruling and memorandum opinion by clicking the link below!

Memorandum Opinion from Judge Kiser on Ray Wright vs. Pittsylvania County Schools in Virginia

Story Written by,


Ray Wright of Chatham, Va




To: Virginia Organizing and Ebony Guy

Merle Rutledge is off work and time to respond to Virginia Organizing flip flopping on civil rights activists and their own members over the raising police hoods in Danville, Va.

Dear Citizens of Danville, Va

Ebony Guy states, “Shaun King, a social justice montior/journalist, along with other bloggers, shared the viral post- Shaun shared my post noting our plan of action: I only saw his retweet of my post (I remember a time I didn’t know what “RT” meant, but I digress.)”

I understand he, along with others that have consumed my account, have imposed their personal views on the photos. While many people understand and support our decision to ask questions about the raised hoods on police vehicles, many took Mr. King’s opinion as truth and decided to question our methods.

Merle Rutledge response – You meaning ebony guy, attacked Shaun King, a very respected civil rights activist and journalist for his opinion on the Danville, Va police department raising their hoods. You attacked members of the community that has not gotten a credible response from the Danville, Va Police Department. You even turned your back on your own members, but making them appear as if they took the incident to attack the Danville, Va Police Department. Ms Frazier posted the pics after yall talk to police weeks ago because they didn’t and continued the policy.

It was your own members that came out about the picture and the inadequate justification by da villa va pd. Now let me give you some facts, Virginia State Police doesn’t agree with the Danville, Va Police Department excuse. I offered to give you the recorded phone call you ignored. Active and Retired police doesn’t buy that excuse you took from Chief Broadfoot. Chevrolet, upon my request and the Atlanta Black Star newspaper, a credible source, , is considering legal action in regards to the defamatory satements made by the Danville, Va Police Department about their cars and their melting electronics equipment reliability called the police package. You failed to tell the people in your community that you have a clear conflict of interest as your family members are in law enforcement. Hard to have family dinners with cops in your family questioning you r criticism of them. Ebony Guy wrote in response to Merle Rutledge, “I have done research on the matter and I have family in law enforcement.” These are your words. I also tried to have a conversation with you about my concerns and talked to you directly. You avoided it, so I feel I should get it to a point that you can’t ignore.

You responded back Ebony Guy with this statement, “Ebony B. Guy states, “Oh no! I pocket dialed you…. I’m so sorry. I’m speaking with some students now, and I have a few more commitments today. I will try to call later.” and Tuesday
Ebony B. Guy
9/27, 2:37am
Ebony B. Guy


I don’t know if I’ll have time to speak until Wednesday afternoon, at the earliest. We’ve addressed the body cam issue, but I don’t know if that that’ll be the focus on October 4.

Now, I tried to set up a meeting after your terrible response which threw your own members under the bus for your t.v interviews and spotlight. Shakeva Frazier is known all over by the media as starting this firestorm with the Danville, Va Police Department and I would expect Virginia Organizing and their leadership to think before criticizing and covering your own ass. Your members was all on the television talking about this mess with the Danville Police Department raising their hoods. I also hit up Johnny Mayo and haven’t heard nothing back from him.

Ebony Guy creates distance from Shakeva Frazier – Danville, Va Register and Bee states Ebony Guy, “Guy and Virginia Organizing had no idea about Frazier’s Facebook post, which was shared hundreds of thousands of times on social media.”

On the same date I wrote my open letter to the City of Danville, Va and to the community of the Southside. I spoke with her to take a look at the information and to get back to me. However, being two faced Ebony Guy writes this about my open letter.

Ebony B. Guy
September 29 at 4:03pm ·

Just want to forewarn y’all of a long, link filled post…mute or block now. 😂😂

If she would make this statement about my letter then imagine how many other citizens letters to this group went ignored or was mocked by Ebony B.Guy.

Virginia Organizing plans a meeting to address the issue of the dashboard cameras. WSET television got this statement from Ebony Guy….

“We just want to ask members of city council to review the issue of dashboard cameras and if it’s not necessarily something that is part of policy that they make it a part of policy because what we really want is transparency,” said Ebony Guy, with the organization.

Virginia Organizing will speak during the public hearing section of city council on October 4. They encourage other concerned citizens to come as well.

After Speaking with Danville, Va Chief Broadfoot to make each other look good. Merle T. Rutledge Jr calls this the sale out moment. Ebony Guy makes others look bad for bring up the issue and Danville, Va Chief Broadfoot puts out in the media that they change their policy because of their actions in exchange for a change in agenda at the Danville, Va City Council meeting on Oct 4, 2016. Ebony Guy states on Merle Rutledge facebook page –
“Ebony B. Guy


I don’t know if I’ll have time to speak until Wednesday afternoon, at the earliest. We’ve addressed the body cam issue, but I don’t know if that that’ll be the focus on October 4.”

In conclusion, it is not the hood popping of the Danville, Va police department that is fishy. Your change after meeting with the Danville, Va police department shows your true colors. You throw people under the bus anytime you get yourself in a jam. Members of Virginia Organizing should really consider whether Ebony Guy is “fit” to be their leader given this statement by Merle T. Rutledge Jr. Also Ebony, “Stop!” telling citizens of Danville, Va to file complaints with the police department and giving the police more access to who to harrass and intimidate for filing police complaints. You have no clue about what people go through after filing a complaint with the Danville, Va police department. You should have thought about that before you decided to be all on board. All those forms from the Danville, Va Police Department are good for is giving them information on whom to bother and silence. You should already know all about that! Oh and members of your organization supports the police 100 percent. However your community doesn’t share the same ethusiam about the Danville Va Police Department. We support good cops not crooked ones. Sorry I don’t give 100 percent support. I got family in law enforcement and I still criticize and speak my mind.

Thank you for reading – Virginia Organizing and its Leadership,

Donate to a real organization or keep the money in your pocket… the difference between me and you. I give people information and facts about the police that the community need to know and Ebony Guy gives police what they want police to know. You just give out information that the police wants people to accept.

Pictured below is Ebony Guy!



Merle Rutledge, Merle Rutledge,

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