My Message to the Mother of Bishop Jones
There is no words or acts that can bring your son back. How you handle this whole tragedy is beyond anyone beliefs. A strong woman with a very strong family. You have tried to keep yourself together and your whole family grounded in a very unstable set of circumstance. Your son life is motivating us all to do better in life and to prevent tragedies like this from happening again. Your daughter, sister, mother, father, your entire family and all those that sought out answers to questions that have horrified us all. If I was to leave this world, I would want a family just like yours bringing me home. Its even more tragic when society has made for situations like this to end this way. Our hearts are with you. I have picked up my family to meet yours. Lord knows, we need more strong black mothers like you. Your family is an extension of mines so you just know that. We follow as you lead to take your son home. Even though he wont walk through your doors, he will walk through the doors of heaven. Your calls for peace help protect your son’s city. He’s smiling with tears of joy to know that his life meant the world to all of us. A city in the dark will come to light tonight and forever more. His aggressive turn, turned a nation hearts from hatred to love. When I come into town in the future, I can say I’m stopping by one of my mothers in Christ house. Liz you keep praying for me. After we send our son home. Give us ALL your grace and mercy. Forgive us all because they don’t knoweth what they do! I ask on behalf of a City for your forgiveness. However, your son will carry you if you fall. Your son will make you smile on days that get harder for you to maintain. Your son will be there tomorrow to hold your hand to tell you he always loves you. We all love you and your family. Even when it is hard to sleep, let your son put that pillow under your head and let you know he’s going to be ok. When those tears come from your eyes, let your son put a tissue to your face and wipe them for you. Let your son preach from the pulpit as his body says good bye while his soul rests next to you. Let your sons hands rest on your soldier as he tells you how much he loves. As you go home, open up your door so his soul can come in. Your son was brought into this world because it was God’s plan. His spirt has awoken all of our souls! My god, I love you so much and your family.
With all of my love,
The Rutledge Family, your family Big Mack, and your Son’s City!


Danville, Virginia
City · United States
Beverly Hairston and 35 others have been here


Elmer Woodard thoughts and opinions on his page. I can not believe he didn’t realize Facebook is not the place to share racist garbage. I have no problem with people displaying the Confederate flag and its history as freedom of expression. However, when you go from that to insulting people based off race, background, ethnicity and you are a practicing attorney that has to represent these people in a court of law. I have a problem with you. I’m not going to represent someone white if I have a problem with white people. It is disrespectful and shows that you have no interest in the outcome for your client, but have a sick twisted one already arranged because of prejudice. We have to stop this mess. No one is better then no one. We are in this together, but this is disturbing. This stupid lawyer in Danville, Va named Elmer Woodard those this post that is on his page was Awesome! Just a piece of trash and I can’t believe with his views on his page that he represents clients of different race, religion, and more but considers a bulleye on people as Awesome. Im looking at his page and Im in shock at his views. I may not like 45, but I would also disagree with this being used as well. It crosses a big line with this idiot! If you are represented or thinking about getting representation from this lawyer which is pictured below. It has been reported that he does not like to represent people because of how their names appear of potential clients in cases that he handles. Today, Elmer Woodard, a local Southside Virginia practicing attorney and Danville, Va Commonwealth Attorney Ben White decided to have a nice laugh in regards to how someone name and was glad that he was not assigned the case. We’ll if you have this guy as an attorney then you may have not gotten proper representation and a Virginia State Bar Complaint will be filed based off discriminating against clients because of their name and not the merits of the case. Just shame on you!

On Mon, Mar 26, 2018 at 11:24 PM, MERLE RUTLEDGE <merletrutledge@gmail.com> wrote:
If you are represented or thinking about getting representation from this lawyer which is pictured below. It has been reported that he does not like to represent people because of how their names appear of potential clients in cases that he handles. Today, Elmer Woodard, a local Southside Virginia practicing attorney and Danville, Va Commonwealth Attorney Ben White decided to have a nice laugh in regards to how someone name and was glad that he was not assigned the case. We’ll if you have this guy as an attorney then you may have not gotten proper representation and a Virginia State Bar Complaint will be filed based off discriminating against clients because of their name and not the merits of the case. Just shame on you!  Here are some screen shots below of his posts.

Screenshot (8)

I’ll say this about this woman that can make compromise on all sides of the aisle.
When you able to debate me and to push your issues on my page. When you speak to me directly and also give your views in the middle of controversy. When you are respected from all sides as not biting their tongue and doing what is right for all people. I believe you should vote for her. Its not too many that can come on my page and be critical, even though we still have our own view point, but have respect for each other. It says a lot about someone that is willing to deal with the tough issues and make the tough decisions. I am not endorsing Baynes for City Council. I’m just telling it like it is, and I know that you will do the same I am endorsing her character of a person that is unafraid and just stands up for what is right. I see someone that welcomes you into their office to speak about your concerns and will keep a open mind to making sure all of Danville continues to progress and move forward in the right direction. If I was to vote for a Danville, Va City Council members, I would vote for her because she will engage the conversation with clear research and knowledge behind her response. I have always said I could vote for the complete opposite of me. Even though we are not complete opposites, I would vote for you in a hearbeat because I know when you believe in something then it wont be deterred. It is privilege knowing that you Sheila Baynes is running for a office that needs to have the community trust it again.


Merle Rutledge Jr
President of the National Coalition Against Government Abuse
Candidate for Governor of Virginia

Sheila Baynes, who ran for Danville City Council in 2016 and lost, is running for a seat on council again this year.

NCAGA in Norfolk, Va headed up by Vernon Evans is fully investigating the Breon Henderson Arrest in Norfolk, Va. Breon Henderson is a disabled man with serious mental and physical problems that alleges police beat him before giving him a citation and not taking him to jail or a hospital.

Hello Mayor and City Officials for the City of Norfolk, VA

My name is Merle Travis Rutledge Jr, President of the National Coalition Against Government Abuse and former Norfolk, Va resident. It was brought to my attention by the mother of Breon Henderson that there was concerns about his arrests and also about her filing a claim with the City of Norfolk, Va on her son behalf for injuries that are alleged to be suffered during his arrest. Breon Henderson to my understanding suffers from numerous disabilities that affect him mentally as well as physically. It appeared that merchandise from the 7 eleven was taken and he was arrested as a result. During the arrest several injuries was sustained and he was given a citation and dropped off in front of the 7 eleven in Norfolk, Va. Questions about whether he was providing or offered medical treatment are of serious concerns to us and wh does this young man need surgery after what it appears to be a routine arrest for shop lifting. We are not here to question guilt of innocence, but to our understanding from the family was that Breon Henderson was not charged with resisting arrest. We ask that the City of Norfolk, Va make sure that Breon Henderson and his mother are able to file ther concerns. Breons Henderson mother has serious medical concerns and we ask that the City give her and her son proper accomodation to have their concerns heard and for the proper investigation to take place. It is also our understanding that she has already been to the City Attorney Office to file a claim and was given the runaround to go up to Norfolk, Va Circuit Court, which the clerks properly instructed her was the wrong place to file a claim based off the allegations that she is asserting. The mother and her son address is ***. Her number is  1417 west 39th st Apt A Norfolk, Va  23508.  Her number is 757-776-1436 . I share in the concerns of her and her son that this situation warrants further review and transparency to address what actually occured during the arrest of Breon Henderson.

Another major concern of ours is clearly if pepper spray was used and these type of injuries occurred should have required a trip to hospital not 7 eleven. It smells of a cover up and all council members should review footage of this citizen and police encounter with all members present. This case should be referred to a special prosecutor or the proper commonwealth attorney office should be informed. Lastly, the Virginia State Police and Federal Bureau of Investigations should take part in a independent neutral investigation. There is no excuse I can see that a man that has been peppered spray was not taken to the hospital and was left to sit on display at a 7 eleven in that condition. If he was that much of a danger to 7 eleven or to the police then why would you drop him back off a few feet from the area in which he terrorized. It makes no sense and now we want it to make sense through solid answers and not throwing things under the rug as this was done to this ADA man and the protections afforded to him.

Thank you for your time,

Merle Rutledge Jr

Thank you for your time,

Merle T. Rutledge Jr
Virginia Beach, Va
President of the National Coalition Against Government Abuse

To: City of Martinsville, Va Council members and City Officials

*Removal of this post is a direct violation of my constitutional right to free speech on your pages as you all are public officials and your page is made for citizens to comment on because of your status.

Merle Rutledge issue and argument in support as follow:

Right now, I got a problem with the City of Martinsville, Va which I need to straighten out. Alongside others, I am starting to believe people of color, excuse my french, want people of color votes until they get into office so that they can ignore and politicized them instead of help them. Chad Martin and Jennifer Bowles, I sent you two pointed e-mails about the treatment of people in your jail facilities and have not received a word. I also been investigating the fact that if I was to speak critically of you and other council members at a City Council meeting, then I could be banned by your City Attorney at a whim which is against the right to speech and to ask the government for redress of their greviances. I also notice that on all the bans I received from my FOIA request that the reasons are all the same. Because of someone behavior without more is rediculous. So let me get my ban out the way. Im sure this statement is no different then public comments you get at your meetings, but a ban follows to those that you cherry picked does not meet your standards. I am requesting that you instruct your City Attorney to ban me from all of Martinsville, Va grounds and propery because I just made this comment on social media. I am shocked for some people who I wrote a letter for to federal authorities about the reason for their banned havent spoke up and got to the bottom of this pattern/ practice by the City to violate ordinary citizens constitutional rights. I guess the black vote or those that fell in love to your rise of stardom and put you in office don’t matter. Well you have a time where it matters. Now, I am focused on bringing much needed change to a system of failures and lack of leadership that comes from those that are suppose to be responsible for it. For now, until the end of time, you will give people the right to speak and not banned them because they hurt your egos. Your mayor and more are now on my radar. So take notice! I see and know that someone is already to take you on and not hide behind cowards that abuse their authority through the use of color of the law. This isnt to just call out Chad Martin and Jennifer Bowles. It is meant to call all of you out and to make sure people have a right to speak and not be silenced. I implore you to get to the bottom of this as a City Council and as leaders in the community that we welcome all comment without fear, unless that person makes a direct threat. Not hearsay or false statements to get a intended result. It must be and should always be held to the highest of standards, above all else, is the truth of the matter. At anytime, your leaders would like to speak and solve a issue that has left a sore thumb in your city. I welcome the dialogue and a hearing to address this issue directly and come up with common sense solutions to make sure this does not happen again. Kim Adkins, even though retired, must and should be apart of this dialogue as it is clear she was cc: on most bans and the reason thereof by Attorney Eric Monday. We the people have a right to know how these bands was implemented and was it done based off clear fact or was it done out of clear retailation. Also Chad Martin, how did you manage to get off the ban list. You should remember I went to back for you so its no different for me to go to bat for those that come before and after you. You can say I could have went about this a whole other way, but that wouldn’t be me. I always do things my way!

Thank you for your time,

Merle Rutledge
Candidate for Governor of Virginia
National President of the Coalition Against Government Abuse
Friend to all that wants to do the right thing!

NCAGA demands DCC and Roman Eagle Nursing Home investigate Pedophilia by workers at its location


Today, I wrote an article in regards to the unfair sentencing of a convicted sex offender named Lydia Bowers.  However, I notice that some support defending her actions for molesting her step daughter which was a family member in her care.  Now the community has found out that a close friend named Nicki Haskins alongside others that have worked at your Daycare might have been involved or suppressed their involvement in the case.  However, my chief concern is whether any kids may have been inappropriately touched or handled while in the care of Lydia Bowers and now Nicki Haskins, whom has listed her employment at your location.   I will be asking the Governors Office and the state Attorney General Office of Virginia to make sure your facilities is being ran properly and hope that you all be proactive into investigating the matter to make sure no other children was inappropriate touch or spoken to in a manner that is not consistent with your policies or practices.  Nicki Haskins recently gave testimony defending the actions of Lydia Bower in court.   However, she has a duty to report and make it known of any issues that may make her appear or DCC appear to not look like a safe place for children.  I have given out the courtesy of some of her Facebook Comments based on the article and now the communtiy has every right to question and be concerned about whether their kids are with sex offenders and those that protect them.  I also share the same exact concerns for a Julia Nickols that works for Roman Eagles Nursing Home.  I ask that Roman Eagles survey their patients and residence for any inappropriate behavior by her as she also supports a sex offender as well and her comments are of concern to anyone reading them that knows she works with their loved ones.  Please all facilties get to the bottom of these accusations so the public has confidence that this conduct has been investigated and resolved thoroughly.   Her facebook page is as follow.


Facebook comments as follow
Julia Nikols running to the add of an convicted sex offender
ello City of Martinsville, Va and to the Martinsville, Va Sheriff,

My name is Merle Travis Rutledge Jr, the founder of the National Coalition Against Government Abuse.  It is my understanding that you are housing inmates at your local jail which are in need of serious medical care.   It is also my understanding from numerous sources that the jail policy is that a inmate must be about to die in order for the jail to order emergency care for its inmates.  I believe this policy is as flawed if true as it may come.  Im not sure if your Sherif as well as officials for the City of Martinsville, Va are aware of the consequences of the failure to provide medical care or treatment as it applied in the Jaymichael Mitchell case out of Portsmouth, Va which lead to numerous investigative agencies taking part in putting the pieces together which lead to his death and the legislation signed by Former Governor McAuliffe into the need have more oversight of the local jails and prisons throughout Virginia.  At your jail now, you house an imate named

Thank you for your time,
Merle T. Rutledge Jr
National President of the Coalition Against Government Abuse
Virginia Beach, Va